Aug 12 2020


12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Bill Harrison Presents “IN THE “NICK OF TIME” Cliff Hangers of the Silver Screen

Doors Open Noon; Lunch 12:30pm; 1:00pm Presentation

For more than 30-years, Hollywood created multi-chapter serials that generated excitement, suspense and thrills for millions of kids. Serials were criticized by mothers and psychologists who claimed these movies caused every form of nervous ailment from extreme trauma to ringworm. All this criticism was heaped upon movies that promoted a basic moral truth: “good always triumphs over evil.” There were no delicate shadings of purpose in multichapter serials. The villains were all bad and deserved the violent fates decreed them, and the heroes were all good and deserved the right to mete out justice. But most of all, cliffhangers were fun! Every week your favorite hero was forced to out-wit and out-fight an incredible assortment of evil, depraved and terrifying villains bent on world domination. The battles between good and evil raged in the jungles of deepest Africa, the far-distance reaches of outer space, secret laboratories hidden in mysterious caves and in the rough and rowdy cowboy towns of the wild west! Join me in cheering the heroes and hissing the bad guys in an exciting presentation featuring Tarzan, Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Zorro and a whole host of wonderfully nefarious villains!

Seating is limited. We’ll be serving Krazy Sub Sandwiches with chips. And dessert. Purchase your lunch tickets by August 7.

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